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The Scilly Isles

The Scilly Isles has probably got more ship wrecks per square mile that any other place on earth, and its relative remoteness, 20 miles of the Cornish coast, lends the islands an old world charm that is very beguiling. To my shame living so close, I have only dived there once, and that was back in 1981. So apart from correcting some spelling mistakes I have decided to leave these articles just as they were when I first wrote them for Sub Aqua Scene magazine.More recently I went back to the isles and visited Tresco with its wonderful collection of ships figure heads – Vallhalla.


Hugh Town on the largest island, St. Mary’s

It is interesting to look back on the fascination for all things brass that ruled in those days. Wreck diving was still in its infancy and the emphasis was all about locating and identifying wrecks. It was a very minority activity and no one in the wider world cared very much who took what. Bit like train spotting really. Attitudes have moved on nowadays, and most people now realise how fascinating shipwrecks can be, and how they provide a real link to our past history. It was divers looking for brass that found many of these wrecks, so I like to think we helped a little to bring their stories to a wider public.

5 Responses to The Scilly Isles

  1. john Crown says:

    Hi, Is it possible to dive in August ? and hire my equipment locally?.

    I would be travelling by myself ,so is there any B/B nearby, Thanks,

    John. ( PADI Trained) Still open water.

  2. yes you can

  3. Ki Ki says:

    Im doin sumfin 4 skool but i dnt hav proper facts about scilly isalnd, life in 1914

  4. Andria says:

    the island looks really nice and by the pictures ive seen it looks amazing…

  5. j meadows says:

    iknow the blitz gunbot well she was owned by mr C. Rice i helped crew her on several trips 1984 took her to silly isles.
    Have many photoes.

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